In 2015 I started experimenting with a variety of printing techniques, especially with techniques requiring no press. I wanted to create unique and painterly prints, improvising and playing with both form, color, and texture.

Initially I tried to realize my vision with experimental wood printing techniques, but the results were poor. These prints turned out to be too rugged and simple. So I kept looking for another suitable technique, and finally I discovered a new printing plate with a sensitive gelatin like surface: the Gelli plate. This plate seemed to be made for me! It is perfect for a spontaneous and multilayered process.

So I gradually developed my own way of printmaking using hand transfer. This printing process results in a one-of-a-kind image. The technique enables me to create complex monotypes with multilayered color tones. During the printing process the colors mix in an unpredictable way, producing interesting shades and nuances. The patterns which I use take their inspiration from medieval Viking ornaments.

The monotypes show a play of colors and forms, creating ambiguous shapes which can be read in many ways. Viewers are invited to create their own narrative.

These forms appear relative, fluid and ever-changing, creating a never ending dance, a rhythmic and dynamic movement reflecting the cosmic play of life.